• 1 star ratingIt's rare for me to write a bad review, even if it's a sub-par experience, but peeps need to know. Stay away from this place, unless you are excited to experience attitude from staff and a clear non-interest in customer satisfaction.I had brunch reservations for a group of 9 of us. We arrived on time (a bit early). I had to get my daughter back to the theater for call time for her show and we had 1/2 hour. I immediately asked our server if he could quickly put in an order for a side of bacon and a side of scrambled eggs. He just stared at me and rudely stated he "could" do so, but that I should know that he had just put in two other orders before mine. Fine, just do it! Not sure why he had to throw attitude and act like my request was something atrocious. Plus how long to scramble some eggs and prepare some bacon?.... which I'm betting is already prepared as bacon is in many of their dishes.Apparently I drastically underestimated the effort involved, because it took 25 minutes for said scrambled egg & bacon to arrive, which meant I needed him to give me a box to take it to go so she could eat in the car. Granted the box arrived quickly. Which.... relief, otherwise she wouldn't get to eat anything before her show.Then, my friend asked him for coffee..... the response? They don't have coffee, only DECAF. Uh what?!? It's BRUNCH for goodness sake.... no coffee?!? Did we get transported to Provo, UT suddenly?!?Cut to the food. According to my guests, the french toast was good and so was the frittata. A few of us ordered the salmon eggs benedict..... the eggs were hard cooked. Uh, soooooo wrong. Such a disappointment.... part of the joy of experiencing eggs benedict is having the juicy poached egg yolk run onto the salmon and english muffin, creating a delicious sauce that complements the hollandaise. It's such a shame, because the restaurant decor is so cool and modern, right up my style. I could for sure see fun times hanging at the bar, but someone needs to train this staff on customer service 101, yikes!

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    Sheila D.

    4 star ratingThe reviews are pretty fair where service is a little bit weird. After we got our drinks everything was smooth sailing. We had the fried green tomatoes appetizer which was okay. The short rib entree was delicious served over buttery grits. The wine list is simple and we were satisfied with our choices. Definitely planning to return since we didn't have time for desserts.

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    Lisa N.

    1 star ratingI needed to buy a gift certificate and arrived at 8:40pm. Yelp says they closed at 9:00pm. I walked in and told the host I needed to buy a gift certificate. She said "we're closed." I said but it says on yelp you closed at 9:00pm and she said we close at 8:00pm. What kind of restaurant closes at 8:00pm? The hours of operations needs to be corrected on yelp if that is the case. But seriously all I needed was a $100 gift certificate but if they don't want to take my money, I'll take it to target. This was on Monday night 11/18. If the owner is reading this, hope you can follow up with your staff because this experience was pretty stupid. And for those of you wondering well maybe they don't sell GC, I called beforehand and they confirmed they sell GC.

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    Wendy L.
  • 2 star ratingI had tried this new restaurant for Easter Brunch last year and thought the food was decent but the atmosphere too much like a loud bar so I wanted to give it another try. I'm sorry to report nothing's changed.From the moment I opened the door, I knew this night would be challenging. The music playing was better suited for a Night Club and the volume set at a decibel level that would result in hearing loss if exposed to for any length of time.We were shown to our table by a hostess who never smiled or made us feel welcomed. After about 2 minutes of trying to hear my dinner companion sitting across the table from me, I went back to the hostess and requested the music in the bar be turned down. She explained the volume couldn't really go any lower which wasn't the response I was expecting. I went back to my table and within 10 minutes, the volume was lower and more tolerable. Our server was prompt and took our order (again, no smile). We began by ordering our drinks and requested our dinner not be fired until we had almost finished our cocktails. She acknowledged our request. Unfortunately, it took 30 minutes to get our cocktails. I had been observing the bartender ten minutes after we ordered, she wasn't particularly busy so I expected our drinks soon. As the clock ticked, I spotted what appeared to half our order sitting at the end of the bar. It remained there until I asked another server (our's was busy with other tables) if he could check on our drink order. Only then did I see the bartender start the other half of our order. When the drinks arrived, my drink was room temperature since it had been sitting for over 20 minutes. We enjoyed our cocktails and expected our dinner to arrive shortly after our glasses were empty. That didn't happen. So, we waited.When our meal finally arrived, my shrimp and grits were warm, runny and lacking real flavor. The fried chicken was also lacking flavor but the accompanying braised greens and Mac-n-cheese were good. The pork chop was delicious and my dining companion ate every bit if it. Half way through the meal, we requested an order of cornbread which arrive 20 minutes after we had finished eating. I sent it back.We ordered Beignets for dessert and they were very good. Overall, the evening wasn't the best. I don't think I'll be back since there are several restaurants in Hayward where I can eat good food, served by people who appear to like their job and an atmosphere where I can have a conversation without shouting. Sorry Playt, you had your chance twice.

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    Teresa T.

    5 star ratingWhere has this place been? Lol A hidden Gem Came in last night was greeted by Nicole who set me at the bar. She made me a peach Margarita. The menu had so many selections but I was excited that they have vegetarian options for myself. I ordered and my food came shortly piping hot & too Beautiful to eat lol. The mac & cheese is the best I've ever had (sorry mom lol) I also had the Roasted portobello mushroom, with butter bean succotash, fried carrots with a beet vinaigrette. The vibe & energy was great, selection of music was like a New Orleans (Southern) jazz I loved it, the customer service was excellent, and the manager introduced himself & welcomed me back. Definitely the spot to be at. Thanks so much.

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    Se'Quoia D.

    1 star ratingWe tried this place on a Wednesday night. Service was super slow and food was not good. The Mac n cheese was not tasty, the shrimp n grits lacked flavor, the fried chicken was tasteless and the ravioli lacked the seafood I paid so much for. I hope they improve, because there's several nearby cities that could use a nice restaurant in the area.

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    Stella S.