• 5 star ratingFood was great atmosphere was great also. Great go to place downtown Hayward.They have one side with bar, TV's and music and the other side is dining for seated customers. The atmosphere for both sides was very laid back and positive.

    Lauren W. Avatar
    Lauren W.

    5 star ratingwhen I arrived for my reservation there was a wait. but I knew the size of the building before I came because I use to come to the previous establishment that was there. I was seated with in about ten minutes, and my waiter was lex. While I must admit they could use some spare hands around the place, Lex was a wonderful host and I am very picky about host and waiters. but she did her very best to accommodate us with whatever we needed. we order , the cat fish, fried green tomatoes and I wanna say chicken. and I was at first thinking this food aint gone be that good.but to my surprise the food was Delicious and everything was cooked to perfection. and they are not stingy with the shots(Hennessey). yes there are things they could do to make it more .hhhmmmmm. accommodating. but trust ive been to worse places. I appreciate the business for being black owned, and on an upper scale I didn't feel like I was in a soul food restaurant or some boujie place that was to expensive for bad food. everything kinda even out.if you don't have patience or you can deal with a little mishaps then go some where else! I give them 5++++++ stars if could the food and service for me on that night was OUTSTANDING ! I SUCK AT TIPPING LOL BUT THAT NIGHT I SHOT THE HOST 40 SHE DESERVED EVERYBIT OF IT!

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    Bryson B.

    4 star ratingThe ambiance, food, decor are all above the mediocre offerings of most Hayward eateries... I just wish the wait staff was more attentive and more experienced...   True, it was a slow Monday evening but having to plead with waitress for menus, drinks and food takes a little joy out of the experience...   I will give this place another try because the diverse menu and lovely  presentation are worth a second chance.   There are so few quality places in Hayward - we usually drive over the hill to Dublin or Danville for the better dining options.

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    Michael E.
  • 4 star ratingMy colleagues made a reservation here to celebrate our office holiday gift exchange. Located in downtown Hayward- pretty easy to find (if your coming from Jackson St. make sure you time your lane switching correctly or you might miss your chance to turn onto B st) and surprisingly plenty of parking in the back. Playt has the aesthetics you want for a date night. Intimate lighting, nice music, and of course the food. The restaurant isn't huge but it feels roomy. Our party of 13 took up one side of the room and with other guests it still felt kinda empty which I think is great. No one likes to be elbow to elbow. With all the space it made it perfect to host our office dinner. They gave us a set menu selection where we were served family style; set appetizers and each person was able to select a main course from 4 options they provided. I'm not sure if this is standard but it was definitely VERY convenient. If you are a business in the area and considering a team thing, Playt made it easy!Food: we started with cornbread and fried green tomatoes. Cornbread accompanied with honey butter was great, not too crumby or dry. The fried green tomatoes were fried perfectly, not soggy at all and well battered all around. They were spicy though! For my entree I had overstuffed portobello mushrooms. These were presented beautifully and the garnishments were very tasty :). My colleagues ordered the fried chicken and mac and cheese which were HUGE. Way to heavy for me but they said it was good, a little salty so if you are sensitive to that keep it in mind. Drinks: They have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Beers, mixed drinks, non alcoholic you name it. The people in our party that ordered cocktails were very pleased. Smelled amazing! Service: no complaints here! servers and bussers were friendly and professional. There weren't many but then again not very busy on a Thursday at opening. Chef good, bartender good! Some things to consider: -check the hours and make reservations just in case. It's not a pop in kind of place although I'm sure you could but don't get disappointed if you gotta wait. -As mentioned above, aesthetics are fancy so if you have kiddos dining too you might want to reconsider OR make sure they don't fidget much. -This area in the evening CAN be kinda sketch. The lot is a bit dark in the back. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not leave valuables in your car.

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    Abi U.

    2 star ratingI had tried this new restaurant for Easter Brunch last year and thought the food was decent but the atmosphere too much like a loud bar so I wanted to give it another try. I'm sorry to report nothing's changed.From the moment I opened the door, I knew this night would be challenging. The music playing was better suited for a Night Club and the volume set at a decibel level that would result in hearing loss if exposed to for any length of time.We were shown to our table by a hostess who never smiled or made us feel welcomed. After about 2 minutes of trying to hear my dinner companion sitting across the table from me, I went back to the hostess and requested the music in the bar be turned down. She explained the volume couldn't really go any lower which wasn't the response I was expecting. I went back to my table and within 10 minutes, the volume was lower and more tolerable. Our server was prompt and took our order (again, no smile).  We began by ordering our drinks and requested our dinner not be fired until we had almost finished our cocktails. She acknowledged our request. Unfortunately, it took 30 minutes to get our cocktails. I had been observing the bartender ten minutes after we ordered, she wasn't particularly busy so I expected our drinks soon. As the clock ticked, I spotted what appeared to half our order sitting at the end of the bar. It remained there until I asked another server (our's was busy with other tables) if he could check on our drink order. Only then did I see the bartender start the other half of our order. When the drinks arrived, my drink was room temperature since it had been sitting for over 20 minutes. We enjoyed our cocktails and expected our dinner to arrive shortly after our glasses were empty. That didn't happen. So, we waited.When our meal finally arrived, my shrimp and grits were warm, runny and lacking real flavor. The fried chicken was also lacking flavor but the accompanying braised greens and Mac-n-cheese were good. The pork chop was delicious and my dining companion ate every bit if it.  Half way through the meal, we requested an order of cornbread which arrive 20 minutes after we had finished eating. I sent it back.We ordered Beignets for dessert and they were very good. Overall, the evening wasn't the best. I don't think I'll be back since there are several restaurants in Hayward where I can eat good food, served by people who appear to like their job and an atmosphere where I can have a conversation without shouting. Sorry Playt, you had your chance twice.

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    Teresa T.

    5 star ratingWe came back for dinner tonight! And wow it was more than I imagined, it was amazingly delicious! I had the salmon and my husband had the rib eye steak dinner. Mine was delicious and his was yummy too. We had wine and it was a Livermore Wine of our friends, longevity. A yummy red blend. Paired well with both meals. We will be back again and excited to have great food, wine and service. Oh and yes the owner greeted and seated us. Nicest guy. Our favorite place for American style food.

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    Conrad D.