Even though the food is great, I'm giving it one star because of the rude management. The manager of this establishment was very rude and had poor discretion. I won't be going back!

    thumb Breann O.

      October 2019
    Server : Christian
    Came to this place after looking for new places in the area to have lunch with a friend. After scrolling a few yelp pictures (not reading the reviews ) We decided that this would be a nice little sit down place. The menu was pretty short and though there was still some great options, we both decided on Caesar Salad and  side orders of crispy chicken and cat fish. Upon arrival as my friend was seated I had to use the restroom, this is when I should have decided and went with my first though of leaving and trying another place. I've always said is a restaurant's restroom is not well kept it's not a good fit. If the restroom is bad , just imagine how the kitchen is being that they are both very important in such an establishment. The restroom and the hall leading to the restroom was horrible and smelled as if they experience plumbing problems (strong scent of sewer). Dirty, rings around toilets , mild-dew around sink in which your supposed to wash hands , and absolutely un welcoming. I though to look past this as this was not were I would be spending my time. The ambience was nice in the dining area and the playlist was very laid back giving off chill vibes. Once seated back with my friend I Notioned to pour myself a glass of water (self serve container on the middle of the table with glasses) . I was quickly taken back as the glass I noticed had an old lipstick print around the brim. I quickly notified the server and asked for another glass, he looked irritated and was not apologetic even asking why did I need a new one before pointing out that there were the stains. At the same time he brings a drink that no one ordered to our table and passes to my friend who does not drink alcohol, when she explains that she did not ask for it he snatches it back and proceeds back to the bar area.  Once the food finally arrived the Caesar salad was warm, full of extremely dry ended pieces of lettuce and supposedly coated with dressing however it was not. When asked the server he again was un pleasant with his words and ability to reassure that he was able to accommodate us as customers. The chicken was presented nicely  however was very salty. The catfish was also presented nicely though the lemon was dried out and old. The corn bread was a nice butter to sugar, and salt ratio. We decided to return the salads being it was not at all appetizing and at this point we were not satisfied with service. Overall I am glad I choose to try a new place however I will not be visiting again, I find it hard for such simple request and simply made foods to be such poorly handled.

    thumb Jamie B.

      Yessss! Everything we had from the beginning to the end was very good. Ok with the exception of the minty sangria, but thats ok.
    We started with fried green tomatoe; shrimp/crab bisque; wedge salad. Then for the entrees...we ordered shrimp & grits & the burbon street burger with seasoned fries.
    Nice ambience, music was kinda loud, but good music was coming thru the speakers so it was all good. Even had a couple of big screens on in the bar area with the last football game goin.
    Go check them out....I'll be back for Happy Hour!

    thumb Sharee g.

      Really enjoyed the food here.  The short ribs, grits and shrimp were exceptional.  The service, however, was underwhelming. The server did not know the answers to my questions said she'd get answers but never did.  
    I will go back for the food and, hopefully, the service will have improved.

    thumb Jutta K.

      A nice little spot in Downtown Hayward.  Oh Hayward, my home town.  I need to visit you more often.

    This place needs reservations apparently as we had to sit on the high table which normally would be OK, but we had a 19 month old with us so the high chair didn't reach and the booster seat wasn't exactly safe.  I was holding on to my daughter the entire time, which made enjoying dinner a bit hard.  Besides that, the drinks were really good and I guess they have a happy hour price as it came out cheaper on the bill?  

    Food here is also very good.  The catfish melts in your mouth and the chicken was very tasty.  Hayward is moving up in the world it seems when it has a place like this.

    thumb Benny H.

      A-MAZE-ING We ordered several cocktails, each one was extremely good. We had shrimp & grits (excellent), rib eye (also excellent - the sauce was particularly delicious), the ribs (small plate, a sweet St. Louis style BBQ sauce that was melt-in-your-mouth good), crab bisque (delish) and bread pudding & beignets for dessert. Nothing was less than stellar. We rolled home, we were so very well fed!

    thumb Jay B.

      This is a review of their service.

    From the couple of times I came and ate here, the service has been okay and the food has been pretty good. I even came here for my birthday! Yet, today, which I just left the restaurant 10 minutes ago was rather disappointing.  My partner and I waited for a couple of minutes at the host stand and no one was there, which sometimes happens, and that's okay with me. Minutes go by and eventually the busser comes and seats us. He provides menus and water. We look around the restaurant, and there are about 5 tables, each one either in the middle or ending of their dining experience. Besides the busser, there was only one gentleman on the floor, who looks like he might be the manager (not sure), but who was going to the tables and checking in on them. I didn't see any servers so I would assume this gentleman would come to our table or at least acknowledge us.  After 15 minutes of waiting, my partner and I left, as we found it a bit ridiculous for the service.  I work in the restaurant hospitality industry and from this experience, it's horrible. If that gentleman was the manager, I'd expect more from him.  If they were short-staffed or basically had no staff, at least acknowledge it and say that you'd be with us momentarily.  People tend to be forgiving if it's short-staffed and if servers/management at least acknowledge guests, but to blatantly go to EVERY TABLE around us and not even say hello to us, is quite rude.  

    The one star is for service, and if I was reviewing for food, it would be 3.5.

    thumb Vanessa A.

      I've been to this restaurant approximately 4 times and the food is delicious but the service is not impressive.

    On more than one occasion we have received food to the table without utensils being brought out to the table first.

    Today especially was horrible.   First we were told that reservations are needed to dine because most people reserve tables although there obviously plenty of empty tables. What restaurant doesn't welcome walk-up patrons when they do not have a full house?

    Secondly, as we are ordering sodas we are told there are no carbonated drinks because the machine is down and all they have is orange juice but after asking more questions we found out they also had lemonade.  We said we would stick to water and while we were waiting on our food I walked to a nearby restaurant and purchased carbonated drinks to accompany my meal.  The host rudely said we do not allow outside drinks and walked off, meanwhile there was another patron that had a bottle of coke.

    We asked 3 times for the status of the Mac and cheese side and it didn't come until the meal was done.  The staff seems stuck up and uncaring for patrons to have a good experience.

    And their bathrooms smell and look dingy the place tries to be upscale but the attitude of some of the hosts/servers aren't up to par.

    thumb Traci W.

      Great Southern inspired food.  Great atmosphere too.  Really like the food choices and available options for plant-based eaters.

    thumb Michael L.

      Just don't come here. This place feels like a trying to be a fine dining Southern food restaurant but in reality it's a weird vibe of a 60's, 40's club with their staff dressed in capri pants/shorts. They kept the same interior as bisou bisou but I guess a different color scheme.

    They definitely need to hire more severs. Because apparently the servers are also the host, the waiter and the busser and they pull straws to see who does what. So basically when you get there you wait around hoping someone comes by to seat you. And why ask if you have a reservation? Who's reserving their seat here. It was not even full. Very limited options on the menu selections. I get they're trying to be fancy and not cutter the menu with a lot of dishes but if you're going to do that then the food should be amazing and at least warm. There are only a few complete entrees to choice from. In a business sense works for them to force people to order multiple items at a minimum of $7 for cornbread.

    I got the fried chicken. Which as described on the menu as being double dredged. It was barely dredged once. It was like they put it in flour and then put it back in flour. It was not crunchy at all nor was it even warm. It tasted like room temperature chicken. Definitely was made in advance and they pretended it was freshly made because even the sad mushy collard greens were cold. The only thing that was hot was the mac and cheese that was served in a mini cast iron. Given it was probably only hot because they had to broil the cheese on the top. So overall nothing feels freshly cooked or at the very least warmed to the correct temperature. I wonder if they just have a very slow cook staff that they took forever to bring out the food. Which is understandable if they're cooking the food as its ordered but doesn't seem like they actually cook here. Like a really bad Popeyes chicken.

    They do not have a dessert menu but the waiter can recite the desserts to you. I highly doubt they all know the components of the desserts for allergy purposes but hey they can go in the back and read the label from the frozen box.

    If you love waiting and to tell people you tried "Southern" food then this is your place to waste your time and money. It's horrible when you're there and you curating your yelp review.

    thumb Denice D.

      Had this place bookmarked for some time since I moved to the area. Unfortunately, we went during the heat wave, and I guess the place isn't equipped with air condition, because it was uncomfortably warm inside despite being a pretty spacious venue.

    The food and service were fine. I just wasn't particularly wowed by the dishes we ordered, and we had two of their most popular and traditional Southern dishes: the fried chicken entree ($19) and the fried catfish entree ($22). The fried catfish entree comes with some greens and grits and the fried chicken entree comes with the smoked gouda mac n' cheese and collard greens. The smoked gouda mac n' cheese was tasty, but tasted like it had been sitting a bit too long outside of the oven, so the texture was a bit off.

    I felt like they tried to make it into a fine dining experience, but the food just didn't match up to that level. For a more affordable price, you could  find more traditional, tasty Southern fare elsewhere.

    thumb Nina Z.

      Playt is highly overrated in my opinion! The service was slow, the food was very mediocre and it was overpriced, this is definitely a $$$ restaurant. We ordered the fried chicken and the burger. The fried chicken was a whole chicken breast, which is weird, and it was dry and had no sauce with it. The burger was ok but it was $2 for cheese, which turned out to be shredded cheddar cheese from a bag! This restaurant was a huge let down, wouldn't go again.

    thumb Drew M.

      when I arrived for my reservation there was a wait. but I knew the size of the building before I came because I use to come to the previous establishment that was there.

    I was seated with in about ten minutes, and my waiter was lex. While I must admit they could use some spare hands around the place, Lex was a wonderful host and I am very picky about host and waiters. but she did her very best to accommodate us with whatever we needed.

    we order , the cat fish, fried green tomatoes and I wanna say chicken. and I was at first thinking this food aint gone be that good.
    but to my surprise the food was Delicious and everything was cooked to perfection. and they are not stingy with the shots(Hennessey).

    yes there are things they could do to make it more .hhhmmmmm. accommodating. but trust ive been to worse places.
    I appreciate the business for being black owned, and on an upper scale I didn't feel like I was in a soul food restaurant or some boujie place that was to expensive for bad food. everything kinda even out.

    if you don't have patience or you can deal with a little mishaps then go some where else! I give them 5++++++ stars if could the food and service for me on that night was OUTSTANDING !


    thumb Bryson B.

      After 4 visits , I can recommend The Catfish, Shrimp and Grits, and the Gumbo. I had a Steak last night that was probably the worst I've ever had. Lot of Gristle and fat. The service is slow  and under staffed.

    thumb Joe V.

      Okay place menu selection okay. Food is good. Service could use some improvement. Waiters are short and rude it's almost if they didn't want to be bothered by our presence. Staff needs more training about customer service and how to make your customer feel welcome. I would go back but only if I'm in a good mood.

    thumb Susan G.

      A compared to price the food has very les quantity we ordered ravioli and catfish... it didn't taste good at all. Waste of $46.

    thumb Parvinder S.

      I just left Playt 30 minutes ago, & it was honestly the worst restaurant experience I've ever had. First they took 10 minutes to acknowledge I (& my partner) stepped in the restaurant. Then the hostess/waiter informed us that they didn't see my reservation & walked away w/ out an explanation. When we were finally seated, it took them a while to take our appetizers & drinks order (which also took a while to arrive). But the icing on the cake for me was after our waiter took our dinner order, she waited 30 minutes to tell us the stove was no longer working & they wouldn't be able to make our meal we ordered. Please keep in mind that our appetizer was fried catfish (which wasn't that great), so it didn't really add up. At this point, I asked to speak to the manager who definitely wasn't the manager. She came over there & offered no explanation or apology for this "stove no longer works" excuse but offered to give us dessert which she admitted was pre-made & microwaved before serving. I had to dismiss her at this point, & left the restaurant after paying the bill for 2 rounds of drinks & catfish.

    I will be contacting the REAL manager tomorrow.

    thumb Bria S.

      The food is great and I love the atmosphere. It's a bit loud because of the bar but the food is worth it. Try the pork belly meatballs. They are good and I'm not even meat lover(especially pork). The ravioli are good but rich. The bisque is really good too. My favorite restaurant in the area.

    thumb Mari E.