Had such an exquisite time here. Beautiful ambiance. The food and drinks were phenomenal. Really a perfect place for a nice dinner with friends or family.

    thumb Sabrina L.

      2.5 Stars. This place is just okay...

    Have been here twice, once for dinner, and once for a weekend brunch.
    Cant remember what my fiance got for dinner, but I ordered their delicious burger, and a beer. Pricy, but solid.

    For the Brunch, I ordered their Southern Breakfast plate with grits, eggs, and bacon. Was a little disappointed that I wasn't allowed to sub the grits with potatoes, but this place is attempting to go for a higher end vibe. My food was mediocre, and the mimosas were very small (A few oz's for $9.)

    Service wise, everyone was nice but our brunch waitress was also the bartender. That caused pretty slow service, especially when we wanted to pay and leave.

    This place is essentially all about presentation, be it the food, decor, and service, but the quality lacks a tad for the price they're asking for. You can easily go to Cannery Cafe down the street, and have a little better quality for a smaller amount of money.

    thumb andrew m.

      Heard mixed reviews on this this place.  Friday was my first time at this place.  Walked in nice decor and ambiance.  Sat in the lounge area for about 10 or 15 minutes.  No one came over to see if we were ready to order. So, we decided to sit over in the dining area.   Well it didn't get any better.  

    Here we are again, waiting for someone to acknowledge us so we can order.   Looking around trying to get someone attention I noticed the waitress checking her phone.  So finally, she came over.  No greeting, no smile just an attitude.  

    We decided to go somewhere else because of the total time we waited and the waitress attitude.  After we mentioned we were leaving, she snatched the napkins and little plates off the table.  REALLY!!
    This is basically the same reason my friend really didn't want to go to this place, after her experience here with her boyfriend.

    Not sure if they were short handed or what.  But I hope the manager will address this issue.

    Would I recommend this place?  Not for the service.   Not sure about the food.

    thumb N L.

      Pretty nice place in terms of atmosphere and food. Feels like a upscale lounge the second you walk in. Considering the food here is classic southern, I'd say the ambience doesn't match and there's an indent it issue going on. The food is tasty, but extremely overpriced. Drinks were good and service was fine but the place was empty when we dined (probably due to the prices) glad we tried it out but probably won't come back just because everything seems to not fit to one consistent theme and the cost to dine is similar to a low key steakhouse. Sorry :/

    thumb Gabe S.

      First time here and we loved it! Started off with cocktails and appetizers. The basil gimlet is perfect! Had the dusted shrimp, it was superb! I order the portabella mushroom and my hubby the ravioli stuffed with blue crab and shrimp. Wow...what flavors! Then we finished off with the bread pudding with ice cream and drizzled chocolate sauce. Loved it! The ambiance was great not too crowded and nice jazz music playing in the background. We will definitely be back!

    thumb Alexa O.

      Excellent food, excellent service, we will definitely be back with more family + friends to this hayward gem

    thumb C S.

      Really wanted to love Playt! But can't say that we do.
    We have tried it out many of times but tonight sadly sealed the deal for us.
    We went in tonight for dinner and were seated promptly. That was probably the only thing that went right. Our server took quite some time to greet us and take our order. We ordered the meatballs to start and that is why I gave 2 stars instead of 1! The food was great.
    We got our meatballs way before our drinks. That was the first let down. As soon as our server saw we had our meatballs he came and took our menus and walked are we supposed to order dinner without menus?
    When we finally got our drinks 10+ min after our appetizer came out and we decided just to ask to close out and leave. Never asked if we wanted anything else. We were sort of feeling like we were not wanted there.  
    We would come back and sit at the bar and have drinks but would not come back for dinner. I understand service can be slow and we never mind waiting but we were barley acknowledged the entire time we were there.

    thumb Julia K.

      Not sure how i feel about this place. It's the only decent HH on B street in hayward with a nice ambiance. I only come here for the calamari and HH red wine. Service is okay. Place could be livelier i think, but it's so so. Decent.

    thumb Ms C C.

      I had a friend tell me day after day about this place & I never made it there with him. I had last minute plans for a date night. This place came to mind. I wish i went there sooner. Amazing food & wine for a amazing price.

    thumb Fahad L.

      I heard about this restaurant from my boyfriend's roommate.  We were supposed to go out for a burrito or taco night dinner.  But overall I'd say a random night to Playt was worthwhile:

    Likely to return
    Likely to recommend to others

    thumb Jenny S.

      Not my favorite place ever but it wasn't horrible. The service was great- super friendly!
    Food was good but nothing spectacular. Ordered the friend chicken with the Mac and cheese. I was told it was the most popular thing on the menu. The chicken was good. Super tender and the skin melted right off. Mac and cheese was ok. Didn't have a ton of flavor besides a ton of cheese.

    thumb Eleni L.

      The presentation is fantastic and the food is good too. We had the fried green tomatoes, which were tasty. The fries were fantastic! The beet salad had a great dressing, but the tasteless cocktail onions didn't add anything and the beans didn't really match with the other flavors. I would recommend the chef swap the beans for goat cheese and/or pickled onions.

    thumb Rachel E.

      AMAZING FOOD AND AMAZING DRINKS! The staff here is super friendly and helpful! I'm from the south and this place really made me feel as at home as I could in Cali! They have some really interesting spins on classic dishes! Like their pozole gumbo is to die for; I only had a cup and was left wanting more so I got a cup for to go as well! This has to be my new favorite spot in downtown now! Definitely have to try if you're looking for something new! I didn't get to take any pictures of the food sadly because  well I was starving but I will be back and I'll upload some the next time!

    thumb Chelsea L.

      Not sure what all the hype is about. Wanted to like this place. Pretty to look at. However, both servers were awkwardly unfriendly, food was subpar, and drinks were strong, but not well made. Not interested in returning.

    thumb Raz M.

    Went there last night and the menu has changed.  Thank vibe is even cooler than a evening breeze in the bay.  Had the ribs and mussels.  Ribs were delicious and have to say one of the best ribs I have ever had.  Also had the apple pie for desert and that was bomb.  Wife had the t bone steak and that was great too.  

    I would have to say this restaurant is a top tier for us.  Rivals a spot like Mua's in Oakland and Angeline's in Berkeley.  I look forward to going back

    thumb A T.

      Let me just say this place is awesome. Ambiance is great, service is great but for me the food was incredible! I've lived in the Bay all my life and it's a great thing when you can find a good restaurant in a city that is not San Fransico. But getting back to the food. I had the short rib which had grits underneath. The combination especially with the sauce was unlike anything I've ever tasted. So flavorful in every bite and meat was very tender. That dish is a must try. For dessert, I was simply blown away by the peach cobbler and bread pudding. Yes I ate a lot that night. The extra calories was well worth it. I will definitely visit this place again.

    thumb Melvin J.

      I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this place. It is a Saving Grace of B Street, and Hayward and area is fortunate they exist. Great drinks, and food. I plan to become a regular.

    thumb Andrew L.

      My wife and I normally save our night out for Friday's and then we are a weekly patron to Paradiso in San Leandro but yesterday after a rather difficult day at the office I suggested to my wife we try Playt.  As most are aware that live in Castro Valley, there are not alot of quality restaurants in and around CV. Thus our weekly visits to Paradiso however, we may have found refuge in another option.  We started with cocktails...our standard Lemon Drop for my wife and vodka martini for me.  A bit dissappointed with both in that they were not shaken as much as requested and for my two cents a martini should only be consumed from a true martini glass.  These were not but tasty just the same.  Neither of us were extremely hungry so we opted on the lighter side.  I started with the Fried Green Tomatoes.  Very lightly breaded and with a slightly spicy sauce to compliment the was exactly the dish I was hoping.  I finished with the Chicken Pot Pie.  Delicious.  I especially liked what was intended to be pie crust topping but was more like a cookie but not sweet.  The filling was amazing and on a cold fall day would definitely hit the spot.  My wife is quite fond of grits and was drawn to and ordered the Shrimp and Grits.  Not too much but not too little. Again...a very nice dish.  One thing I would like to point out is the owner, Michael.  Very charming and working very hard to make sure his diners were satisfied and informed about the menu and history of his place.  We will definitely be back and looking forward to it as well.

    thumb Robert C.