• 1 star ratingI needed to buy a gift certificate and arrived at 8:40pm. Yelp says they closed at 9:00pm. I walked in and told the host I needed to buy a gift certificate. She said "we're closed." I said but it says on yelp you closed at 9:00pm and she said we close at 8:00pm. What kind of restaurant closes at 8:00pm? The hours of operations needs to be corrected on yelp if that is the case. But seriously all I needed was a $100 gift certificate but if they don't want to take my money, I'll take it to target. This was on Monday night 11/18. If the owner is reading this, hope you can follow up with your staff because this experience was pretty stupid. And for those of you wondering well maybe they don't sell GC, I called beforehand and they confirmed they sell GC.

    Wendy L. Avatar
    Wendy L.

    5 star ratingI love the aesthetic and atmosphere of Playt. They serve elevated and elegant soul food in a beautiful ambience. I enjoyed the entire experience, I hope you do as well.

    Alexis S. Avatar
    Alexis S.

    4 star ratingThe reviews are pretty fair where service is a little bit weird. After we got our drinks everything was smooth sailing. We had the fried green tomatoes appetizer which was okay. The short rib entree was delicious served over buttery grits. The wine list is simple and we were satisfied with our choices. Definitely planning to return since we didn't have time for desserts.

    Lisa N. Avatar
    Lisa N.
  • 2 star ratingThe wait was so long for our food we ordered quickly we waited almost an hour for our food. I had the short ribs it had little to no flavor. Grits that was underneath the short ribs was gummy and no flavor. However my mans ribeye was really tasty with the mashed yams. The drinks were water down like no alcohol. Atmosphere was cool I just think the music was kinda loud and everyone was shouting at one another so it was like a shouting match.

    Lakeisha L. Avatar
    Lakeisha L.

    5 star ratingWhere has this place been? Lol A hidden Gem Came in last night was greeted by Nicole who set me at the bar. She made me a peach Margarita. The menu had so many selections but I was excited that they have vegetarian options for myself. I ordered and my food came shortly piping hot & too Beautiful to eat lol. The mac & cheese is the best I've ever had (sorry mom lol) I also had the Roasted portobello mushroom, with butter bean succotash, fried carrots with a beet vinaigrette. The vibe & energy was great, selection of music was like a New Orleans (Southern) jazz I loved it, the customer service was excellent, and the manager introduced himself & welcomed me back. Definitely the spot to be at. Thanks so much.

    Se'Quoia D. Avatar
    Se'Quoia D.

    3 star ratingOrdered the ribs, mac and cheese, also their cornbread.Benefit of the doubt I ordered it to go but the ribs were dry not much as what ive seen before. Mac and cheese was good but nothing mind blowing. Cornbread was great actually very delicious. Dropping over $40 on this meal was hoping for something spectacular but got a decent meal

    Chris G. Avatar
    Chris G.