Excellent food and service! The Louisiana wings appetizers were on point, not too much breading and super crispy. Fried chicken entree was delicious, super moist. Shrimp and grits was yummy. I'm not a big fan of grits but the grits here definitely changed my take on them. Fried catfish was also very good. Service was excellent, super attentive servers. They came to check on us all the time to make sure everything was goood. We'll definitely be back!

    thumb Vanessa H.

      Very slow service. Would have order a second round of drinks and even desert had our server bothered to check on us. Food was tasty. Unfortunately the service was terrible.

    thumb Mars C.

      First and last time here. The ambiance is nice, the food was not good. The greens were too sweet and vinegary which threw the flavor off. Fish was too soft. We arrived when they opened so there was no reason for their restroom being dirty and not smelling clean. Very disappointed overall. Was hoping to post a good review.

    thumb Robin L.

      I could not wait to Yelp Playt!  My wife heard about this place and then I Yelped them.  Four stars is my benchmark for considering a place. They have 4. I give them five and would give more if I could. We were asked if we had a reservation and we did not. Our host looked around and gave us a couple of options. We sat at a community style table across from one another and a party of four beside us. Not intimate but you could have a more intimate table if you had a reservation. Either way we were seated! The noise level was above average but so what? There were still a lot of people in the restaurant at 8 at night which is always a great sign. Ordered some "seasonal cornbread". Right around the same time our drinks arrived so did the cornbread. Steaming hot fresh cornbread with cranberry as the seasonal fruit. Served with a creamy compound butter, this, I could eat a lot of. Peach Sidecar is the drink my wife ordered. She said she could drink a gallon of this. We kept it to one drink. My entree was ribs with rice and beans. I was delighted to see steam coming from the plate when it was set on the table. I have to say that the presentation of the food on the plate was sweet. I had to take a picture. Not only hot, the taste was delicious. The rice, bean cup was tasty with a touch of heat. My wife ordered the fried chicken sandwich. She started searching on line to find out what made it taste so good. This was one of my all time favorite dinners out. I really can't say enough. It may sound odd but I was pleased to find hot and cold water when I washed my hands in the nice restroom. Most places have ice water to wash hands. We ate desert. After all the great food and service they topped it with a peach cobbler. As good as it gets I say. Served in a large cup, filled with peaches, a perfect crust,  high quality vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled with caramel, some berries,  sprinkled with powdered sugar, it was difficult to eat it with class. I did not get mugged at the cash register. In my opinion you would have to look for a long time to get anything close to what you get here for the same money. Playt has it all for me. I need to acknowledge our server. Shame on me for not getting her name. She was fabulous! I already know that the ownership is fully responsible for all this fantastic dining experience! Five solid stars and my hat comes off. I am blown away! Thank you! My all time favorite place I've reviewed! We have a winner!

    thumb Rick P.

      Best thing here is the Mac and Cheese. Worst thing is the greens they served with it. Way too salty and why for the love of all that is good, would you put a nice piece of crispy fried chicken on top of it? It just made the bottom side of the chicken soggy. And that brings up another thing, there really wasn't much that was truly hot. Not even the coffee?

    Service was alright, no host to greet us, server seemed to lack attentiveness . . . BUT . . . the food came out super quick, made it there before our drinks did. Maybe that is why the food was not hot . . . wait, that didn't make sense.

    Atmosphere is super loud. Be warned. Not the best for kids. Then again, if the little ones are loud, they will not be bothering anyone.

    Was hoping for a bit more, but as they say . . . not a bad experience. Ended with the cobbler - saved by the dessert! = )

    thumb L T.

      Maybe we arrived on a bad night.  The food tasted "old," and we didn't eat much.  Everything just had an aftertaste of used oil, but the servers were very attentive and congenial.  We'll likely try again another time.  We've heard good things about this place and the online reviews are good.  Was not expecting to be so disappointed.  Unfortunately we didn't eat much and did not bring the leftovers home.

    thumb Sqye D.

      Five star experience all the way! Did not expect the food to be so good! The catfish, pulled pork sliders, the fried chicken, Gouda Mac and cheese, the grits, omg the grits, everything was just made to perfection. I had the Black Hand cocktail and it was wow!

    Our server was so nice and attentive. Even the other servers when we asked them to bring something or take pictures of us, were warm and friendly. Special shout out to the host Trevor, and to the chef for such delectable food!!

    I'm going to go back soon for that fried chicken!

    thumb Vrushali N.

      Love this place, food is great, atmosphere is diverse and fresh. I've come here 3 times thus far within a short period of time for different occasions. I love the Fried Chicken entree. The greens are so good, mac'n cheese is so good! And the chicken is juicy. I've also had the shrimp'n grits....OMG! So good (I totally wish Michael would open for brunch).  And for desert you must try the bread pudding, and the apple beignet. You won't be disappointed!

    thumb Risa D.

      The best at soul food. Very nice on Ambience very clean cooking. They shrimp and grits is Delicious.  Stop by on a Mamosa Sunday and watch the game and had great food bartenders are really great also. My second visit there and I will be back.

    thumb Liza S.

      We were here for drinks though I would like to come back for a nice dinner sometime. Atmosphere is great and really friendly bartender.

    I had the Black Hand cocktail. I was intrigued by the "balsamic syrup" but in my opinion this ingredient is a bad idea. The smell of vinegar was overwhelming! I had to hold my breath while drinking, though the taste was alright--basically just bourbon. From photos, looks like this one usually comes with ice and mine didn't; possibly this makes a difference.

    On the other hand, my boyfriend's peach sidecar was really tasty! Our friend asked for a rum-based cocktail and the bartender carefully assembled something resembling a mojito that was amazing and complex.

    Good experience overall; 2/3 cocktails rocked, but the Black Hand didn't work this time.

    thumb Victoria S.

      This is an excellent spot for brunch. If you ever been to pican's in Oakland. This is the same spot, but a different name.

    thumb Andre L.

      First time at playt and what can I say! It surpassed my expectations! The food is to die for and the customer service is the best I have encountered by far! It's that southern warmth!!! The drinks are amazing and Nicole is the sweetest! Very attentive and always smiling! She definitely deserves the 5 stars! We will definitely be coming back! Highly recommend.

    thumb Angela H.

      I had high hopes for Playt and it delivered! Online reservation on OpenTable was quick. Parking is plentiful, lot right behind. My fam dined here for my sister's birthday on a Sunday, place was only half full. We were greeted by the warm and gracious owner(?) before being given a choice of where to sit. After trying out a booth, we moved to a roomier square table. Beautiful, high ceiling interior with modern round lighting up above. Love the color-block lights on the side wall! There's even a high top table for 12, great for center of attention events. I might just have a Christmas dinner here. The bar upon entry is pretty snazzy too. Reminds us of upscale restaurants at Santana Row.


    *Seasonal fruit cornbread: I didn't see this online! Fresh out of the oven marbleized blueberry cornbread, more moist than usual. Add a dab of that berry compound butter. Seems like dessert!

    *Jamaican chicken skewers: tasted like chicken satay to me with peanut sauce, mini halved potatoes were yummy too!

    *Grilled ribeye skewers: omg so tender and juicy! Dunk it in the sauce. Just disappointed the sticks weren't standing upright on a piece of potato upon presentation.

    *Fried chicken w/ Gouda mac: wasn't sure how many pieces I'd get, go for the extra piece of dark meat for $3! The piece I got was a small quarter mix of white/dark. Perfectly breaded, almost like panko crumbs. Mac & cheese was good. Collard greens were sour and spicy. It might be possible to sub broccolini instead.

    *Grilled Ribeye arrives with mashed potatoes and seasonal asparagus. Grilled nicely, soft on the palate.

    *Fried catfish x2: Mama's catfish! Comes with asparagus and plain grits. Mom liked the lack of gravy so she could enjoy them. Nice crisp, smooth filet.

    *Side of rice with no beans was bland and too soft. Waste of $6

    *Peach Cobbler: I was super excited for this dessert and was told we ordered the last one near closing. Just sad they didn't top it off with a candied slice of orange or that fancy caramelized disc I kept seeing in photos. Chill vanilla ice cream nesting on hot peach slices with a soft buttered crust. Better scoop up that frozen goodness before it melts!

    Complimentary slice of lemon meringue pie with a candle finished off the evening. Thank you! Tart & sweet.

    Staff was attentive and easygoing, waters refilled periodically. The owner/mgr stopped by again before talking with who I assume are locals. Apps came out fast but entrees took longer than expected, less cooks on Sunday? Gotta try a Mule next time I'm here.

    thumb Kristine F.

      So I'm giving it 4 stars just because of the slow service but this place is FIIIIIRE! My family and I came on a Sunday for the brunch. I had the shrimp and grits and they were delicious!! Great portions as well! I'm not sure if it was just that Sunday but they only had one person serving all the tables. Maybe someone called off and that's all they had but that was my only complaint! Everything else was perfect!

    thumb Paris W.

      Heard that the owners of Pican had moved to Playt, so we went to try it out.  Not quite sure about the name of the restaurant.  

    We shared the calamari and the caesar salad and both were good.  I also had the meatloaf which was good too.  

    The service was fine, but we endured a very long wait for our food because of a neighborhood power black out.  Certainly not the restaurant's fault, but you would have thought they would have comp'ed us something for being so patient rather than leave.  

    Anyway, I like the food, so we'll be back.

    thumb Doctor G.

      The service was TERRIBLE. If I tell you that i do not eat dairy, do not substitute the dairy item for another dairy item!!! Come on!!!! Does that really make any sense???? Or maybe you all just don't GAD if your customers get sick!!!!! I was very disappointed to the point where I felt like leaving right on the spot but I was with company!!! I will never come back here again!!!

    thumb Li L.

      Ambiance was very nice. Food was really good. My friend had the shrimp and grits and I had the fried chicken and Mac and cheese. Shrimp and grits were so tasty- great flavor. Fried chicken was very moist for white meat and deliciously seasoned. the Mac and cheese was good but I believe they torch it with those butane lighters- because I could taste it. I didn't eat the top of the Mac and cheese because the flavor of the butane ruined it. My dish also came with collared greens- I've never had them before- they were flavorful but I didn't care too much for it- kinda salty, kinda sour? The desserts were heavenly- had the fried bread pudding and the lava cake. Sooo delicious. I'd def come back for desserts and I'd try the other entrees. The waiter was very attentive and we had great service.
    The bathrooms needed work however.  I was sadly disappointed about the cleanliness and smell. It completely didn't match the ambiance of the restaurant.  I wish they would pay a little attention to the amenities- it would make for a great all around experience.

    thumb Shaun J.

      First time here, we were seated very quickly. upon ordering i got the southern fried chicken. I asked to replace the greens with mash because i was sharing with my son and the server made a comment that i was eating "heavy". i was offended and felt judged when i was clearly sharing my food. other than our server, the food was pretty good. the mash potatoes tasted great my son and niece really loved it. after leaving the owner came to us and gave us a warm welcome/goodbye before we left. so i gave another star for him.

    thumb Cindy L.