Okay place menu selection okay. Food is good. Service could use some improvement. Waiters are short and rude it's almost if they didn't want to be bothered by our presence. Staff needs more training about customer service and how to make your customer feel welcome. I would go back but only if I'm in a good mood.

    thumb Susan G.

      A compared to price the food has very les quantity we ordered ravioli and catfish... it didn't taste good at all. Waste of $46.

    thumb Parvinder S.

      I just left Playt 30 minutes ago, & it was honestly the worst restaurant experience I've ever had. First they took 10 minutes to acknowledge I (& my partner) stepped in the restaurant. Then the hostess/waiter informed us that they didn't see my reservation & walked away w/ out an explanation. When we were finally seated, it took them a while to take our appetizers & drinks order (which also took a while to arrive). But the icing on the cake for me was after our waiter took our dinner order, she waited 30 minutes to tell us the stove was no longer working & they wouldn't be able to make our meal we ordered. Please keep in mind that our appetizer was fried catfish (which wasn't that great), so it didn't really add up. At this point, I asked to speak to the manager who definitely wasn't the manager. She came over there & offered no explanation or apology for this "stove no longer works" excuse but offered to give us dessert which she admitted was pre-made & microwaved before serving. I had to dismiss her at this point, & left the restaurant after paying the bill for 2 rounds of drinks & catfish.

    I will be contacting the REAL manager tomorrow.

    thumb Bria S.

      The food is great and I love the atmosphere. It's a bit loud because of the bar but the food is worth it. Try the pork belly meatballs. They are good and I'm not even meat lover(especially pork). The ravioli are good but rich. The bisque is really good too. My favorite restaurant in the area.

    thumb Mari E.

      I did not like my experience at this restaurant. The food was average at best, yet over priced. They use cheap liquor in their "specialty" cocktails. The servers need training and direction. I tried to have a conversation with the management about my experience---but they were not interested in talking to me. The person who intercepted my request to speak to a manager, stonewalled me. This place is clearly not interested in finding out why there is hardly any customers.

    thumb Jacqueline H.

      Ordered through doordash. Spent $140 for soup salad appy and 2 mains.  All food was ok but not what I expected for $20 plus price points on the main.  We will need to try the restaurant experience to see if the prices are worth it.  It may be that we didn't have the full experience.

    thumb Alexandra A.

      10/05/19 Dinner

    Toss up on this one. While I enjoyed the food, the pace it came out was not the best. My husband picked and made reservations for Playt. We arrived to a little more than half full restaurant including a large group celebrating a birthday.  It took a little while for us to be seated, so we stood awkwardly in the doorway and at least 3 employees asked if we had been helped. We were acknowledged, but they seemed to be confused as to where to seat us. Yes, we had reservations. Once seated, we were served with water quickly. It took a little longer for the server to take our order and even longer for our appetizers to come out. I guess I'm just use to appetizer coming out quickly, but at Playt they came out practically at the same time as the entrees. All in all our dinner took about 2 hours. We opted not to have dessert there for fear that it would take too long. The food was good here, especially the Prime Rib, but they could really work on their timing and customer service.

    thumb Kat J.

      I'm so glad I went here! We made a reservation and we were seated immediately. Our waitress was really nice, but it seemed they were short staffed (Everyone was moving around so fast). The ambience was nice. A bit noisy, but it didn't bother us too much. They were playing some really nice jazz music, but they changed the station to rap, which seemed to make people talk even louder.

    After we ordered, our food arrived to the table 10mins later. It even beat our drinks. The food was phenomenal and the prices were not bad!

    The best part about our meal were the  cinnamon beignets. They were so flakey and crisp, and melt in your mouth. It was just enough to satisfy any sugar cravings. I will definitely return!

    thumb Kayla D.

      From the staff to the food to the drinks, everything is always perfect at Playt, it's my absolute favorite restaurant in Hayward, hands down. If I'm not having a full meal, I love to order the bisque and a side of grits and combine the two. I always get an order of their cornbread and the AMAZING butter to go (it's sooo good warmed up for breakfast for the next few days). Additional smaller bites that are amazing (and they really aren't that small at all) that are the seasoned fries, the ribs, fried green tomatoes (so good!!!), and the pot pie. My favorite main dish is the short rib, it's mind blowing! The mac n cheese is wonderful too. The only thing I could ask for is perhaps one or two menu items that were on the lighter/healthier side, aside from the salad menu (not trying to be THAT healthy when I come to a soul food spot).

    Aside from the delicious food, the plating is absolutely stunning, the atmosphere is refreshing and the music is spot on. The tvs at the bar are always playing the current sports games and the crowd is always super friendly. I don't know the bartenders name but he's the nicest guy ever and always remembers us when we pop in, like we did tonight.

    We're moving to San Ramon soon, but will definitely come back to Hayward on occasion, just to visit Playt. (hmm.. I wonder if we can get it from Doordash all the way over there... I hope so!)

    One tip - they have amazing desserts, I wish they'd put them on the main menu because I always forget they serve desserts and leave without having one.

    thumb Laura W.

      We found PlayT on a Saturday night while in The Bay area for the weekend.  Yelp and Rapid Rewards Dining (Southwest Airlines) led us here and we are glad they did.

    The atmosphere was great.  Fun, old school music, and a crowd that was diverse as the Nation we live in.  It gets a tad boring visiting places where all the faces in the establishment look like me (age, race, sex, etc...)  PlayT was awesome, as I think no matter who you are, if you walked in the door you would feel welcomed.  This has always been a plus, but in the exclusionary hate filled political environment that has emanated from Washington DC these last 3 years, it is especially satisfying to be welcomed by diversity.

    We were lucky enough to have Lex as our Server.  Lex guided us through the menu, was friendly and efficient and made us feel welcome.  We selected the fried green tomatoes, corn bread, catfish, and shrimp and grits.  All of the dishes were great.

    When in Hayward again, we will be back to visit PlayT for sure.

    thumb Scott C.

      This review is long overdue. Playt is one of our favorite places to have dinner. Our favorite waitress is Davina. She knows exactly what we want every time we come in for dinner. Food is always great. We really enjoy the brunch as well. It can get a little loud on a Friday night but still a cool environment.

    thumb Angel T.

      As a man who rarely gets to go out at night this particular experience was one of a kind thanks to Nicole and Sebastian the top bartenders at Platy, they showed an exemplary performance of professionalism while still maintaining a comfortable environment I recommend anyone Reading this that they stop what they're doing and please just go experience for yourself you won't regret it I ordered a French 75 my wife ordered the peach sidecar enjoy yourselves and have fun blessings

    thumb Camacho P.

      Excellent experience, delish soul food and grub, perfect location near movies and ice creamery. Just typing this is making me want to order another fried fish with the shrimp n grits! You'll enjoy this place. Check it out.

    thumb Mister M.

      This is odd.  I heard about this restaurant from a newspaper article extolling the chef's recipe for chicken wings.…
    But there are no chicken wings on the menu, only a fried chicken breast, and the breast, as any lover of wings will tell you, is not an appropriate substitute.

    I ordered neither.  I had the catfish with grits and vegetable.  The catfish was lightly fried, in a manner more akin to midwestern fried fish than southern, and was quite good.  The grits were light, not heavy, and just delicious.  The vegetable (broccolini) was quite good, too.

    Not quite so sure about the crab bisque I had with.  The broth had an exceedingly strong crab taste, but the unidentifiable solid lumps in the soup were not so enticing.

    Service adequate, but a little eccentric and oblivious.  I can't forget the tone of incredulous disbelief with which the busser asked, "Are you done?" when pointing to my completely empty plate, which, to emphasize its doneness, I had moved away from my place.

    thumb David B.

    Food- 5 stars
    Service- 2 stars
    Drinks- 3.5 stars
    Ambiance- 5 stars

    I came to this restaurant with my husband for date night. We had a reservation and were seated immediately upon arrival but then waited 10 minutes before our waitress even acknowledged us. She was waiting on a section of tables inside plus all outside tables. It was definitely too much real estate for one wait staff. When she first came over we wanted to order appetizers and drinks but felt pressured by her to order our entrees signaling us that we wouldn't be seeing her again any time soon. When we ordered our entrees she took the drink menu which would have been fine except I asked to have another 3 times before one was brought to the table. I'm not sure if it was just due to the fact that our waitress was seriously overwhelmed bu the tables she had to wait on but her customer service was lacking to say the least. She came to the table, very rushed and asked us what we wanted. In my experience customers spend more money and are more likely to return if the restaurant staff make it an enjoyable experience and are friendly and inviting. At the end of the night she did thank us for our patience since it was so busy.

    The first round of drinks we ordered were the rose Sharon and the Manhattan which were mediocre, did not look anything like pictured on Yelp. They were not cold and lacked the proper garnishes. Our second and third round of drinks were much better, and we noticed that those drinks were made by the female bartender those times.
    We wanted Mac and cheese which was sold out at 8:00pm. The food came out very soon after we ordered. Our catfish fingers were delicious, came out hot and definitely fresh. We also got fried pickles which were also wonderful, hot and well seasoned. The burger my husband ordered was very good, perfectly cooked and very tasty sauce. My shrimp and grits was delicious. Lots of seasoning, fresh shrimp for sure. The kitchen staff at this restaurant is killing it!!!

    The music was great. We would come back again but probably sit at the bar to avoid the long wait and make sure we have the same bartender making our drinks.

    thumb Breanna N.

      I've been meaning to come here for the past few months. I finally made it yesterday and I loved it!!! I had the portabella mushroom dish with a side of Mac and cheese. Oh yeah, I started with the fried green tomatoes. I loved everything, including the ambiance. Just as lovely as the set up in Oakland (Pican). I saved room for dessert and had some key lime pie . It literally melted in my mouth. I'll be back real soon. Thank you for an excellent meal

    thumb Jamillah J.

      We found them after having a bad experience at Neumanali and we know believe we ended up striking gold. The food is delicious, the ambiance is nice and the attention is excellent. We walked in 45 minutes before closing and they welcomed us with a smile. We will definitely go back since we are excited about trying every dish in their menu.

    thumb Jose R.

      This place is so good. Had the braised short ribs over grits. the molasses sauce was amazing. The fried green tomatoes and fried pickles were amazing too. The dessert was the fried bread pudding, and everyone at he table couldn't believe how good it was.
    I cant wait to come back and bring my pops. 🙂

    thumb Mario W.