• 4 star ratingI love this place. The only reason I give it a 4 out of 5 star review is because of the wait for drinks seems to be a reoccurring theme when I visit. Other than that, the food is great!

    Lauren S. Avatar
    Lauren S.

    5 star ratingA-MAZE-ING We ordered several cocktails, each one was extremely good. We had shrimp & grits (excellent), rib eye (also excellent - the sauce was particularly delicious), the ribs (small plate, a sweet St. Louis style BBQ sauce that was melt-in-your-mouth good), crab bisque (delish) and bread pudding & beignets for dessert. Nothing was less than stellar. We rolled home, we were so very well fed!

    Jay B. Avatar
    Jay B.

    1 star ratingI would give this place zero stars if I could. My husband and I were excited to try this place out for our anniversary. Dropped the kids to my parents house and drove all the way back towards Hayward only to find that they wouldn't take us, even if we were within their business hours. We got in around 1, and the guy told us they were closed. I confronted him about it because on the door it was posted that they were open til 2, and he had the nerve to tell me to come back at 4 when they reopen. No thanks- I'll take my business elsewhere.

    Karen E. Avatar
    Karen E.
  • 5 star ratingI noticed this place is open for lunch and decided to check it out. I'm prego and been craving chicken all day long. I'm so glad I came. Michael the owner was very accommodating, and I mentioned that I had hoped for a chicken sandwich but it wasnt on the menu. He dissapeared briefly and came back to let me know it could be done. Yasssssss! I also ordered the lobster bisque soup.First of all, I got distracted by the crab lobster bisque, I forgot all about the sandwich when that came out. That ish is FIRE! came out piping hot and full of FLAVOR. It was amazing I could sit here and write a novel about it, but let's move on.. A few minutes later they brought out the sammich.. it was huge, and juicy and I'm pretty sure the pickles are home made. I dont want to detail the sand which too much, because it is off menu, but suffice to say I was a happy camper. I'm not a breast person, but that chicken breast was super juicy and soooooo fat. Most chefs butterfly cuts that fat because it makes it easier to cook. Not this chef, he knows what to do with a fat chicken boob. It was amazing. To top it off as I was leaving the both the chef and Michael were genuinely interested in how my experience was, which is nice. Most times people dont care once they get your money. I'll definitely be back for lunch again

    Amanuella P. Avatar
    Amanuella P.

    5 star ratingMy husband, a friend and I went to Playt tonight in downtown Hayward for dinner. The food was very good. I had catfish, griits and broccoli which was excellent. This is the first time we've eaten there and we will definitely come back.

    Cassandra V. Avatar
    Cassandra V.

    1 star ratingSuper disappointed. I left a great review a few months back and feel like I need to retract it. Other than nice people working there and still yummy catfish fingers, the food, service and ambience are below all expectations. The loud music playing off a single speaker as you enter is almost as bad as the nauseating smell that you notice instantly as you enter. We're not sure if it's recent cleaning products or mold. The worst part were the mussels. We tried a few and can say they were indisputably bad. We sent back fire the chef to try who agreed. WTF?!

    Jennifer G. Avatar
    Jennifer G.