My first time having southern food. Absolutely amazing food ! Definitely will return over and over again. Love there ribs and Cajun fries.

    thumb Mehtab G.

      We had a fun, delicious work dinner here.  The cornbread and friend green tomatoes were great.  My buddha cocktail was good.  I loved the fried chicken, and the mac n cheese was a highlight.  Dessert was okay. Service was pretty good.

    thumb Sarah W.

      Give this place 1 star because the food was def not good I'm a chef myself so I def know food the Mac and cheese was dry and noodles was hard the fried pickles was ok only thing bad about it was the batter literally slid off the pickle and had no taste the lobster soup had potential to be very good it's just i can tell that when it was made the bottom of the pot was burned because the soup had a burn taste to it.

    thumb Donnae K.

      Not sure how the food tastes because the manager called and canceled our reservation because he booked a private event.  Maybe this is common practice but it seems unprofessional.

    thumb Empress A.

      The fried pickles were a great start to a delicious meal. I had the braised short ribs with the creamy low grits. The short ribs were fork tender and delicious. My daughters had the fried catfish and shrimp and grits and the both enjoyed their meal. They also had wine sampling which paired nicely with our meal. Will definitely go back.

    thumb Veronica C.

      Food was good I have chicken greens and Mac
    On the other hand my husband want happy with his food
    The menus is seasonal which we didn't know so the sides are always subject to the season
    He ordered the ribeye which he wanted mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts (we saw it on yelp and the online menus) they had neither so we asked for sweet potatoes
    And a well done steaks he doesn't like to see any red
    Which he expressed to the waitress
    Our food came out and his steak is medium rare when it come out perfect for me but he wasn't so happy
    Finally when the waitress came back we expressed what was wrong and she said okay Ill get it fixed ASAP she returns maybe 5 mins later with a microwaved steak it had the same cut the my husband cut to see if it was done along with the now over cooked sweet potatoes I'd return for the green and Mac but I can't say the same for him

    thumb Oshalina R.

      Been here on three separate occasions.  Each time I enjoyed my food and drinks.  Catfish and grits are so good.  I normally don't like catfish in California/ only when I'm in the south, but they fry it great.  Pork ribs were falling off the bone. Really good.  Only problem was when I went with a group, service was very slow.  And food didn't come out together. Overall I enjoy this place and would come back to just sit at the bar to eat and drink instead at regular seating.

    thumb Mamie D.

      We will probably not return to this restaurant...
    My daughters and son in laws took me to Playt for Mother's Day brunch. The service was very slow, the restaurant was not full. We had a 2pm reservation and it took a very long time just to get our drinks. My daughter ordered the roasted breakfast potatoes and they were awful ( I had to spit out the small fork full I tasted) I had the catfish and grits with scrambled eggs..the eggs were overcooked. The catfish didn't taste like catfish and I told the waiter...the fish was not bad, just didn't taste like catfish to me. However, the waiter didn't address my concerns.
    It was quite a drive for me to get Hayward and I will not be back. I was not impressed with Pecans, the previous restaurant in Oakland and I am less impressed with Playt's, in Hayward.

    thumb Walnut Creek M.

      Bad bad bad the service was bad and the food was not all that good. I ordered shrimp and grits with okra and got asparagus, the waiter did not inform me that there was no okra, suppose I was allergic to asparagus I asked about it and he said oh they ran out of okra. My sister potatoes tasted like they were fried in bacon grease.  I don't think I'm going back there

    thumb W M.

      LOVED this place, A very solid 4 stars!!
    Downtown Hayward, unless you're from there... Then they call it UPTOWN Lol...

    Walking in the hostess was warm and inviting, We were seated right away and given a carafe of water which was ice cold... Very nice touch.

    We started with the creole fries 5/5 Delish!
    They brought us cornbread 5/5 also Delicious! We had the blue crab and shrimp raviolis in lobster sauce...5/5 YUMMY!!
    A portobello mushroom w/succotash and shaved fried carrots was the star of the night, Plate crisscrossed with balsamic and a sauce that was AMAZING 5/5

    Peach Cobbler~OMG~ Enough said 5/5!!

    This place is awesome once you step in you totally forget where you are in the best possible way.

    Decor is Stunning! Fun place for a date, drinks, or catching up with friends!!

    The owner or manager checks on you often to make sure everything is to your liking. Very nice touch!!

    The bar has Basketball... Major points for that!! Service was spot on. And everyone was having a good time... I'll be back!!

    Check Playt off my list

    PRICE~$$$$ 2.5/5
    Pro tip; Parking lot behind the restaurant!

    thumb Suki M.

      People were friendly when we first came in, made a reservation at 8.30 had me and my wife wait at the "community table " for 10-15 minuites until a booth opened up we were okay with that of course , 50 minutes later 4 open booths and 2 open tables that were empty for 30 minutes + and we were still waiting , no one payed attention to us even when I was standing waiting at the register for 8 minutes to ask for a table so we can finally order . The worker who seats everyone made eye contact and decided to go to the back towards the kitchen and ignore me while he was at the back register talking laughing with two other employees for a good 10 minutes . Been here for breakfast but night time will never come again. Wasted an hour so by the time we walked out everywhere else was closing in less than 30 minutes.

    thumb John A.

      Good morning! My girl picked this place and I'm always worried about eating out at restaurants because I have a food allergy to monosodium glutamate/MSG! ugh! Well I was lucky and the Cajun Salmon I ordered had no MSG and it was delicious! Although I spilled some of the Cajun red sauce on my cream colored shirt.... I guess that's what I get for not wearing my napkin as a shirt. Hee.

    Anyways we all enjoyed your dishes and one of my girls had this fatty burger, while the other got a 3 part dish bc she really just wanted to fancy macaroni and cheese! Hee. Pictures to come! We we definitely be back! We also enjoyed the Peach cocktail, I just forgot the name. Hee.

    thumb Kay O.

      Don't know why I haven't written this review earlier.  Four of us just had dinner here last night.  It was my 4th time and it was as delicious as ever.  The owner was there (as he has been each time I have eaten there) and made sure to come by the table to see that all was well.
    The place is well appointed, not trying too hard to be cool and not like a diner.  It is comfortable and welcoming.  It's upscale casual and not pretentious.  The menu is so appetizing.  I have a difficult time choosing one thing!!  We have had 1) the fried chicken (very juicy and tender); 2) the short ribs (tender, tasty); 3) pork chop (large and cooked to perfection); 4) desserts - we have tried at least 2 each time we have dined there and while some were better than others, none were a disappointment.  Each time I have gone there they offer a special cornbread (e.g. peach corn bread, blueberry cornbread) which is often a nice opener.
    If you want to enjoy a great meal for whatever reason try this place and I am sure you will return.

    The parking is great as well!

    thumb Priscilla T.

      Amazing fried catfish. All the food was great but that catfish really stands out.  Best I have ever had. Place was packed and they had trivia and a dj keeping it lively.

    thumb M R.

      First time having brunch here, and I wish we went sooner. Both the wife and I had been wanting to try this place so we arrived with a big appetite.

    I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Benedict with Creole Hollandaise and potatoes. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful with a crunchy outer layer, perfect. The eggs were also perfectly poached. But what really made the dish, in my eyes was the Creole Hollandaise. I don't know what's in it, but this is my new benchmark for creative Benedicts.

    I also ordered a side of the Cornmeal Catfish Fillet, and needless to say, I loved it. The foch was flaky, and full of flavor, the layer of cornmeal was done perfectly.

    The wife ordered the Tasso Ham and Cheddar Omelette, which she loved. Both our dishes came with a side of potatoes and were both had the same thought, they are amazing.

    thumb Ray-Francis D.

      Owner is awesome.  Great food, great atmosphere. Totally support this Hayward treasure =)

    thumb Albert R.

      I absolutely love this place!! They had so many different meal options to choose from and I couldn't make up my mind. I ended up ordering 4 meals in one sitting. And when I tell you that each and every meal was absolutely delicious.. please believe me!! You definitely won't be disappointed. The restaurant in itself looks awesome as well. Can't wait to go back!!

    thumb Boss L.

      Every time i come here i reserve a table because it's always busy so first I'll start off by recommending that you reserve a table unless you plan on sitting at the bar. I love the setting, service, & the food.

    thumb Mesha M.