We had an excellent experience for dinner at Playt in downtown Hayward CA. We were escorted to our table by Michael, the owner, who personally gave us an overview of the menu as well as customer favorites. I enjoyed the catfish, gouda mac and cheese and greens with a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The beignets for desert were light and fluffy, rivaling Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans! Delicious!

    thumb Gwendolyn S.

      Pros: Location
    Happy Hour
    Not crowded

    Cons: Weird smell from the bar fridge. (My husband and I didn't  notice until our drinks were made. It deterred us from ordering food)

    Girl with big blond/brown curly hair flipping hair back n forth behind the bar and touching her hair. Definitely not ServSafe practices.

    The manager (light skin black woman) went out of her way to never acknowledge us while at the bar. Our original bartender left on break. She did however make sure to literally hug up on two older men that she knew and a younger couple. Seems to me that as a a manager you'd want to welcome new customers and "up sell" them. My husband and I made a side bet that she would let us walk out the door without acknowledging us. And sure enough she never said two words to us.

    Since this restaurant doesn't value new customers understand attrition, or care about hygienic practices we won't be back.

    thumb Elyse C.

      Extremely disappointing customer service  and no one seemed  to care. I overheard the wait staff making excuses to other customers about why they couldn't wait on everyone. I was looking forward to a wonderful evening however I waited 20 minutes for a drink and after 40 minutes no one ever asked if I would like anything to eat.  I knew what I wanted and it was a Friday night... I was just ready to relax with some She Crab soup and catfish fingers! Too nice of a place to have such horrible service. I ended up at another local restaurant that was very happy to have my business. Still very disappointed.

    thumb Valda S.

      The bar is the first stop for many dining guests. The staff at this bar is the most un-pleasant and un-gracious that I have ever encountered. My hope is that the dining area is staffed with happier people who WANT to work in the service industry.

    thumb Cindy C.

      Fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese were excellent! Great bar & strong drinks. Loved the flower in my friends drink. Only thing that felt off was the night club vibes of the venue don't fit the cozy cuisine.

    thumb GINA A.

      Called at 9:20pm to see if they would be able to take me at 9:55pm. Whoever answered said yes, and said come on down. I arrived 9:53pm, and the host that was a women with long blonde curly hair told us no. I said I called not so long ago and they said yes. She said the chef closed the kitchen. And she was quite rude as well, not apologetic. Well I'm not going to argue but I will let everyone know about my situation. Not happy with how she handled that situation. Was excited to try but now I won't and will never return.

    thumb Jazz U.

      The wait was so long for our food we ordered quickly we waited almost an hour for our food. I had the short ribs it had little to no flavor. Grits that was underneath the short ribs was gummy and no flavor. However my mans ribeye was really tasty with the mashed yams. The drinks were water down like no alcohol. Atmosphere was cool I just think the music was kinda loud and everyone was shouting at one another so it was like a shouting match.

    thumb Lakeisha L.

      Love this place! The French 77 is my favorite drink!
    Food is great and drink are good to!

    thumb Vanessa H.

      They false advertise. The menu says catfish with catfish prices and they are really serving swali. The menu said chicken thigh and they served me a breast. When I questioned the chicken the server tried to reassure me it was thigh. I took it home and feed to my dogs. Mimosa was good pricey for  brunch hour though

    thumb Sherita J.

      I needed to buy a gift certificate and arrived at 8:40pm. Yelp says they closed at 9:00pm. I walked in and told the host I needed to buy a gift certificate. She said "we're closed." I said but it says on yelp you closed at 9:00pm and she said we close at 8:00pm. What kind of restaurant closes at 8:00pm? The hours of operations needs to be corrected on yelp if that is the case. But seriously all I needed was a $100 gift certificate but if they don't want to take my money, I'll take it to target. This was on Monday night 11/18. If the owner is reading this, hope you can follow up with your staff because this experience was pretty stupid. And for those of you wondering well maybe they don't sell GC, I called beforehand and they confirmed they sell GC.

    thumb Wendy L.

      Only visited this restaurant once... Overall Ambience is nice. Spacious and has pretty decent seating. In my opinion, the drinks were expensive, however, they do have a happy hour menu that takes about a dollar or two off of cocktails, wine and beer. I ordered the shrimp and grits and chicken wings for an appetizer. Shrimp and grits were sooooo good. NO complaints. Chicken wings however were mediocre. My friend loved the catfish. I would probably go back if asked to but I'm not in a rush. If I could give 3 and a half stars I would.

    thumb Tiana W.

      I had to  come and leave another review.  I really do not understand the negative reviews on this restaurant.  I came with my friend and we didn't have reservations and we were seated within 5 minutes.  Granted one of the gals there wasn't very friendly (she seemed very busy) but she seated us immediately.  The waiter was good and we both enjoyed our food. We both did appreciate the owner coming our table mentioning that it was louder than usual due to the weather and a larger party having to be inside. The only con is the bathroom, it does need more attention.  It does get loud in there so be aware of that.  We both loved the vibe and the music.

    thumb Valerie B.

      Even though the food is great, I'm giving it one star because of the rude management. The manager of this establishment was very rude and had poor discretion. I won't be going back!

    thumb Breann O.

      October 2019
    Server : Christian
    Came to this place after looking for new places in the area to have lunch with a friend. After scrolling a few yelp pictures (not reading the reviews ) We decided that this would be a nice little sit down place. The menu was pretty short and though there was still some great options, we both decided on Caesar Salad and  side orders of crispy chicken and cat fish. Upon arrival as my friend was seated I had to use the restroom, this is when I should have decided and went with my first though of leaving and trying another place. I've always said is a restaurant's restroom is not well kept it's not a good fit. If the restroom is bad , just imagine how the kitchen is being that they are both very important in such an establishment. The restroom and the hall leading to the restroom was horrible and smelled as if they experience plumbing problems (strong scent of sewer). Dirty, rings around toilets , mild-dew around sink in which your supposed to wash hands , and absolutely un welcoming. I though to look past this as this was not were I would be spending my time. The ambience was nice in the dining area and the playlist was very laid back giving off chill vibes. Once seated back with my friend I Notioned to pour myself a glass of water (self serve container on the middle of the table with glasses) . I was quickly taken back as the glass I noticed had an old lipstick print around the brim. I quickly notified the server and asked for another glass, he looked irritated and was not apologetic even asking why did I need a new one before pointing out that there were the stains. At the same time he brings a drink that no one ordered to our table and passes to my friend who does not drink alcohol, when she explains that she did not ask for it he snatches it back and proceeds back to the bar area.  Once the food finally arrived the Caesar salad was warm, full of extremely dry ended pieces of lettuce and supposedly coated with dressing however it was not. When asked the server he again was un pleasant with his words and ability to reassure that he was able to accommodate us as customers. The chicken was presented nicely  however was very salty. The catfish was also presented nicely though the lemon was dried out and old. The corn bread was a nice butter to sugar, and salt ratio. We decided to return the salads being it was not at all appetizing and at this point we were not satisfied with service. Overall I am glad I choose to try a new place however I will not be visiting again, I find it hard for such simple request and simply made foods to be such poorly handled.

    thumb Jamie B.

      Yessss! Everything we had from the beginning to the end was very good. Ok with the exception of the minty sangria, but thats ok.
    We started with fried green tomatoe; shrimp/crab bisque; wedge salad. Then for the entrees...we ordered shrimp & grits & the burbon street burger with seasoned fries.
    Nice ambience, music was kinda loud, but good music was coming thru the speakers so it was all good. Even had a couple of big screens on in the bar area with the last football game goin.
    Go check them out....I'll be back for Happy Hour!

    thumb Sharee g.

      Really enjoyed the food here.  The short ribs, grits and shrimp were exceptional.  The service, however, was underwhelming. The server did not know the answers to my questions said she'd get answers but never did.
    I will go back for the food and, hopefully, the service will have improved.

    thumb Jutta K.

      A nice little spot in Downtown Hayward.  Oh Hayward, my home town.  I need to visit you more often.

    This place needs reservations apparently as we had to sit on the high table which normally would be OK, but we had a 19 month old with us so the high chair didn't reach and the booster seat wasn't exactly safe.  I was holding on to my daughter the entire time, which made enjoying dinner a bit hard.  Besides that, the drinks were really good and I guess they have a happy hour price as it came out cheaper on the bill?

    Food here is also very good.  The catfish melts in your mouth and the chicken was very tasty.  Hayward is moving up in the world it seems when it has a place like this.

    thumb Benny H.

      A-MAZE-ING We ordered several cocktails, each one was extremely good. We had shrimp & grits (excellent), rib eye (also excellent - the sauce was particularly delicious), the ribs (small plate, a sweet St. Louis style BBQ sauce that was melt-in-your-mouth good), crab bisque (delish) and bread pudding & beignets for dessert. Nothing was less than stellar. We rolled home, we were so very well fed!

    thumb Jay B.