• 1 star ratingFRAUD ALERT!!!!!! First I received a bill for $333 that didn't belong to me. Then I get home to receive an alert from my bankcard that they charged my card $374. The bill was $84.51. When you call them no one answers. Just a strange recorded message from what sounds like a home number. Luckily I have my receipt. Now I have to waste my time disputing with the bank. Never again!!!

    Vee G. Avatar
    Vee G.

    4 star ratingNo, No No! This is not representative of anything southern cuisine. This is not representative of ANYTHING similar to Pican. This place is such a disappointment. From the confusing signage/name at the entrance to the items offered on the menu. I'm so over restaurants attaching "southern cuisine" to their names and menus. Whatever food item they are describing as grits on the menu - STOP! Those are not grits! I don't know what those were. They need to hire an experienced chef and restaurant manager ASAP. Ok, one year later. As I write this the song "Another One Bites The Dust" is playing in the background and before that all 1975 - 1980's music played on a Saturday ni (I bullshit you not). Now to the drinks. My drink this time was great - the Black Hand. My husband ordered the same drink and it was a totally different drink which was returned to the bar to add ginger. It came back and still was way off. We ordered the catfish and macaroni and cheese. Both were good. Oh... when our food came out we had to ask for plates at a place called Playt! As I wrap this review up "Le Freak" ("Freak Out") is playing from 1978Anyway, gave Playt another try after a friend suggested I give it another try. It's been a year and welp... I'm done. Too bad we have to go all the way to Palo Alto for a full dining experience. Ok it's been some time but I must update this review. Playt has definitely improved since my first, second and third visit. The food is delicious and they have paid attention to menu details of what the demographic calls for. Their bar tenders are awesome and have perfected the "Black hand" drink with a variety of others. The ambiance is so much better with good music and there's always a comfortable amount of people in the restaurant. We continue to order food "to-go" during COVID 19. Yep, Playt has come a long way and we are so glad we kept coming back with the hope and expectation it should and would get better!

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    Lori T.

    2 star ratingI had tried this new restaurant for Easter Brunch last year and thought the food was decent but the atmosphere too much like a loud bar so I wanted to give it another try. I'm sorry to report nothing's changed.From the moment I opened the door, I knew this night would be challenging. The music playing was better suited for a Night Club and the volume set at a decibel level that would result in hearing loss if exposed to for any length of time.We were shown to our table by a hostess who never smiled or made us feel welcomed. After about 2 minutes of trying to hear my dinner companion sitting across the table from me, I went back to the hostess and requested the music in the bar be turned down. She explained the volume couldn't really go any lower which wasn't the response I was expecting. I went back to my table and within 10 minutes, the volume was lower and more tolerable. Our server was prompt and took our order (again, no smile). We began by ordering our drinks and requested our dinner not be fired until we had almost finished our cocktails. She acknowledged our request. Unfortunately, it took 30 minutes to get our cocktails. I had been observing the bartender ten minutes after we ordered, she wasn't particularly busy so I expected our drinks soon. As the clock ticked, I spotted what appeared to half our order sitting at the end of the bar. It remained there until I asked another server (our's was busy with other tables) if he could check on our drink order. Only then did I see the bartender start the other half of our order. When the drinks arrived, my drink was room temperature since it had been sitting for over 20 minutes. We enjoyed our cocktails and expected our dinner to arrive shortly after our glasses were empty. That didn't happen. So, we waited.When our meal finally arrived, my shrimp and grits were warm, runny and lacking real flavor. The fried chicken was also lacking flavor but the accompanying braised greens and Mac-n-cheese were good. The pork chop was delicious and my dining companion ate every bit if it. Half way through the meal, we requested an order of cornbread which arrive 20 minutes after we had finished eating. I sent it back.We ordered Beignets for dessert and they were very good. Overall, the evening wasn't the best. I don't think I'll be back since there are several restaurants in Hayward where I can eat good food, served by people who appear to like their job and an atmosphere where I can have a conversation without shouting. Sorry Playt, you had your chance twice.

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    Teresa T.
  • 4 star ratingSo this adorable place is a busy Hayward hotspot in the heart of downtown.Location: Easy to find, lots of free parking in the back, garage is nearby as well and lots of cute shops & movie theater just all around. Service: Friendly service upon entrance and the servers, busters & wait staff are all nice enough. However, this is NOT the place to go IF you're in a RUSH to go somewhere or pressed for time. Like in the south - they kinda take their time. It's not personal. It just is. And this is to order, for your drinks, for food and for check. But, if you are in good company - no worries! Ambiance: love the open & airy feel of this place! It's modern without being pretentious. And patrons are not crowded on top of one another. It can get a little loud when crowded, but that may have just been us! Lol! Food: Bottom line - it's worth the wait! Every dish we ordered (family style cuz really I wanted everything on the menu!) was pretty delicious and did not disappoint. Catfish & Broccolini, smoked Gouda Mac & fried chicken & grits were amongst my faves! And let me not forget - the incredibly delightful beignets! Absolutely heavenly! I will absolutely be back! I tried to go back the next day for lunch but hence, there was a wait and I was in a rush to pick up my child from an event and had to be on time! If you haven't tried it - give it a shot!!

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    Marella M.

    5 star ratingThank you for the delicious pick up meal. Short ribs were great. Everything else looked good. very friendly too!

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    Misty M.

    5 star ratingSo happy they are in "play". We order and then pick up. Simple and the food is great as ever‼

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    d c.