Krewe (pronounced “crew”) is an organization that puts on the annual parades, galas and balls associated with Carnival season and is associated very closely with New Orleans Mardi Gras. At Plāyt, our “work family” is “krewe” – responsible for creating and delivering a great time for guests, and of being of service to guests, to each other, and to our community. Meet our Krewe and you’ll understand how Plāyt truly is Southern…Sideways!

Michael LeBlanc

He loves Gumbo; loves the taste, the texture, the smell. “Gumbo is a true ‘melting pot dish … a whole lot of everything, coming together; it breaks down all class and social barriers.”

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Executive Chef “Spike” Williams

“What I truly like about Plāyt as a chef is I’m able to explore any, and all, cuisines creatively. I grew up in a strong and very giving culinary environment, something many chefs today don’t get to experience.”

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